Purpose Statement

We believe that education is a preparation for life as a citizen, as a worker, and as a moral agent in search of a good life. While this may have once seemed like a modest proposal, this is an epically challenging time to be in education. It’s challenging because we live in an ever-changing world where the political landscape is unpredictable, where technological advancement is causing vast and fast economic shifts, where the health of our environment is threatened, and where human beings are not yet treated with equal dignity. Suffice to say, we have a lot of work to do.

At Pure & Applied, we are dedicated to pushing education forward in the hopes of creating true instances of meaningful innovation – innovation that will foster the desire to build a better world in every learner. Education is the single most important vehicle that our society has to make change. So, we create, advocate, and think big and small about how we can make a contribution to the revitalization of education with each of our partners. We are the people in the background, working tirelessly and fearlessly to support our partners in achieving these common goals. 


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Roxanne Desforges,


I've taught at high schools and universities, I've done research on educational innovation, and I've worked tirelessly to build an e-learning startup from the ground up. Now, I'm taking everything I've learned – wins and losses, knowledge and connections – and I'm synthesizing it to help teams I believe in grow. 

I lecture at McGill University on media, education and technology, I serve on the board of advisors of Parlay Ideas, and I organize an annual unconference called RemixEd. So, learning isn't just my job, it is my life's purpose and passion.

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Nikitasha Kapoor,

How can we study and evaluate learning environments to design for better ones? This is a challenge that drives and stays at the centre of my work. I have co-designed and built learning solutions of all scopes: from designing blended-learning programs, coaching innovative entrepreneurs, to crafting interventions for organizations looking to retain talent. My curiosity has led me to work with leaders in higher-education institutions, innovation centers, organizations and, more recently, a hospital.  

My philosophy and intentions are human-centered. When we invite different perspectives into our design strategy, we evolve as individuals and communities, and the result is inclusive, adaptive and robust. 

... and not to mention, cost-effective. 

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