RIP HAWRAF  —  you are design. you are experimentation.

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To our favorite boy(and girl) band, HAWRAF,

This morning we found HAWRAF’s first and last newsletter in our inbox. It left us with mixed of emotions. Happiness. Sadness. Excitement.

They’re a New York-based design agency, we’ve been following and supporting for the past 2 years. Their letter came with sad news – they are closing up shop this May after being in operations for 3 years.

When we first decided to start a learning design and EdTech consulting firm, we looked to models of creative teams that we believed were doing something truly interesting and experimental. HARWAF was one we came back to again and again.

If you haven’t been to the yet, do yourself a favor and check it out while you still can. For us, this site screamed, “we don’t give a [rat emoji] about how things are usually done. Or business as usual. Or fitting in. Or having everyone like us. We are going to attract the customers that want to do things differently, customers that are open to deep creativity, deep questions, and real change.”

Having been inspired, we set out, in our own way, to build a business that was unapologetically unorthodox in many ways. Two smart and serious women who wanted to help great companies step into the future of education and of learning and have fun doing it. Seeing HARWAF be so unabashedly themselves, we decided not to compromise to fit into the existing landscape of education and learning consulting companies as they are. We wanted to bring in the new wave of consulting.

In our opinion, if education, learning, and how companies operate and go-to-market needs to change then consulting companies need to as well. We want to be creative and collaborative. We want prioritize organizations that want to do well and do good. We want to create our own processes instead of recycling decades-old methods and practices. Naive? We don’t think so, and that is in large part thanks to HARWAF.

Today, HARWAF closes its doors because they recognize that they have so much more to learn and different directions to go in. They prioritized personal growth over the growth of their business. Even in the end they remain true to themselves. This team could not have been more generous with their time, and with sharing what they've learned along the way.

Thanks for leading the way. Best of luck on all your future endeavors. We’re cheering you on.

From your biggest groupies, Niki & Roxanne

#RIP #onwardsandupwards

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Roxanne Desforges