What the most productive EdTech companies think about over the summer


Summer is a period in the EdTech
business cycle when organizations can really reflect.

Leaders use this time to take stock of the previous year, examining the data from a more holistic and longitudinal perspective to think about how the whole company can improve. They take a good hard look at efforts that were not effective, opportunities that were not seized and risks that were neglected. With the year’s goals in mind, ask what was accomplished? What goals were met and exceeded? Where did the organization fall short? Why did this happen? What can be done differently next year? Some of this may be intuitive and top of mind, but many missteps and missed opportunities require more intentional work to identify, understand and mitigate.

Taking the time to reflect is especially crucial before the leadership team sets new goals and creates new strategies for the coming year. Reflection time forces us to question our assumptions, outline our steps, articulate our logic, and put ourselves in others’ shoes in order to gain greater insight. Strategy without this reflection will only support the obvious opportunities and risks and will reproduce the usual processes and tactics. Deep reflection, on the other hand, will result in more fleshed out ideas, better contingencies, sharper alignment, and overall, greater strategy-goals fidelity.

To support leaders, we created an EdTech reflection tool containing a series of strategic questions designed to generate business insights. The tool provides questions crafted for EdTech organizations in the present market and industry landscape. The questions are categorized by function to support a holistic reflection and to ensure each area is given its due consideration. The areas covered include: product, customer success, brand and marketing, business development, and team. A CEO might choose to reflect on all the questions and/or put questions to respective department leaders. This tool is an excellent way to conjure creativity in leadership as they prepare for strategizing. This reflection will help leaders to develop a sense of what their organizations should start doing, stop doing and keep doing in the year to come.

Download the EdTech Reflection Tool

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