About Pure & Applied

At Pure & Applied, we believe that learning is a strategy that enables companies to reach their growth and impact objectives.

Our approach to solution design combines the “Pure” – all that is abstract, creative, strategic, and theoretical – with the “Applied” – all that is empirical, viable, and verifiable – because we believe that impactful solutions are beautiful in theory and feasible in practice. Pure & Applied is a holistic strategic consulting group based in Montreal that helps companies and organizations solve business, product, and outreach problems no matter their capacity.

We believe in empowering the companies we work with to develop learning-centered cultures, enabling them to sustain the benefits of our outputs and our methods long after we’re gone. A learning-centered company is one that is inquiry and evidence based. It puts validating assumptions first. It gives primacy to compelling arguments over loud voices – moreover, it creates a space where being precise, making warranted claims, and being creative with ideas and approaches are valued above all. In a learning-centered organization, “good idea!” is always followed with “let’s test it”. Every project we take on is a learning experience for us and we want to ensure that these crucial insights – the meta-value add of our projects – are returned to their rightful owners. We operate in radically transparent ways that put sharing knowledge first – we can do that because we know that knowledge, expertise and good (even great) ideas aren’t scarce or finite. We invest heavily in our own learning and growing and, because of this, there is no good idea we won’t turn over.

We are a young firm still establishing our brand but we have a strong mission and vision to inspire you.

We are an inclusive office that is eager to welcome people from diverse backgrounds and traditions who vary by their race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, religion, and physical and mental abilities. We welcome new ideas – even unpopular ones – and diverse lenses, such as academic disciplines and professional experiences. We encourage an active and effective exchange of views in an environment of mutual respect.

Applications can be sent to careers@pureandapplied.group


Solutions Designer

At Pure & Applied we’re all solutions designers. When projects come our way, we help our clients identify and articulate the problem first. Then, we co-create a solution just for them. Every job is a custom job. There’s no set formula for success but there are processes and methodologies that we use to come up with the right solution for each client. We are looking for a nimble researcher, a keen problem-solver, an interdisciplinary thinker, and a discerning decision-maker.

Skills and areas of expertise or experience you may have:

  • Qualitative methods

  • Quantitative methods

  • Program creation

  • Saas marketing

  • You have worked for a startup

  • You’ve held a research assistant position

  • You’ve been involved in innovation projects

  • You’ve written grant applications

  • You’ve invested in your personal brand

About you:

  • You know how to find information online and from your network.

  • You can synthesize complex pieces of information.

  • You are a documentation fiend. Even your notes have notes (...and pictures).  

  • You are a good storyteller. You speak well and up, when needed. You can pitch.

  • You know the difference between a strong and a weak argument.

  • You are a reader and can make meaning from readings across fields.

  • You never lose sight of the big picture.


A new project proposal is accepted. You’d heard about the project already (we talk about potential as a team) and you are stoked we got the deal!

  • Meetings with Roxanne, Niki, Project Manager and any partners involved to onboard new projects, to ideate and brainstorm, or to define roles in project execution.

  • You curate resources or reach out to your network to become informed about the topic at hand. (education, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, behavioural economics)

  • You synthesize the information and present your findings in a clear (and potentially visual) way to the team

  • You make recommendations about the best processes and methods, you engage in a discussion to determine the best course of action to achieve objectives

  • You collect data, you analyze data, you tell the data’s story, you make it look and sound good.

  • You review the work of others and provide valuable input.

  • You assemble the team’s work and present it as a wholistic narrative.

  • You connect everything back to client goals and our company purpose.

Cultural Fit:
Pure & Applied has a unique and special vibe going on internally and with its partners. We are looking for people who will elevate and enrich the quality of our dynamics and our outputs.

  • You have a passion for rallying people together to get things done.

  • You are a problem-solver, a fixer, and a careful negotiator.

  • You see are a strategic thinker and see opportunities where others may not.

  • You are a collaborator that knows when to lead.

  • You are driven by social justice, equity, and inclusion.

  • You are mission-driven.

Applications can be sent to careers@pureandapplied.group


Content Writer

(part-time, remote option)

Do you have a passion for researching and writing about education, innovation, social impact and business? We are looking for a sharp voice to collaborate with our team of highly competent and purpose-driven individuals.

The right candidate will infuse content with wit and creativity, but also facts and data, to keep your material interesting, accessible, engaging, and shareable. Your writing style should be optimized for digital consumption. Knowledge of SEO and how people find relevant content is critical. You are always curious about clicks, views, shares, comments, and how to improve and maximize the engagement and education of the content you create for the company.


  • Write, edit, and deliver final copy for marketing, research and editorial style pieces including but not limited to: short and long form articles, blogs, landing pages, web copy, ebooks, eLearning scripts, case studies, white papers, and grants.

  • Research topics to create unique and compelling pieces for our audience. Pitch your angle on issues the team recommends.

  • Have an opinion. Our content is confident and well researched.

  • Juggle multiple projects meet deadlines with quality content.

  • Work on basic layout design.

  • Strong writing, proofreading, and editing skills.

Cultural Fit
Pure & Applied has a unique and special vibe going on internally and with its partners. We are looking for people who will elevate and enrich the quality of our dynamics and our outputs.

  • You have a passion for writing, sharing, and connecting online and in person.

  • You value research and want to produce credible work.

  • You are a creative thinker. You enjoy thinking about micro and macro issues. You ask questions.

  • You are a team player, self-motivated and driven.

  • You understand that marketing content is about performance, engagement and ROI.

  • You are open to feedback and willing to give it, too.

  • You are driven by social justice, equity, and inclusion.

  • You are mission-driven.

In your application, please include your resume, examples of work, and one idea for a blog post title based on what you know about Pure & Applied.

Applications can be sent to careers@pureandapplied.group