eLearning Development

We help companies scale the impact of training, workshops, keynotes, or coaching services by productizing them and making them accessible online. Our primary goal is to ensure that the engagement and impact experienced with the in-person offerings is maintained in their digital format.

This process often involves helping individuals and organizations develop or adapt their proprietary “methodology”, programme, and curriculum for digital consumption. From there, we layout and develop modules, courses, or other elearning products to enable online and/or blended learning.

Photo by   rawpixel.com   from   Pexels

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Our projects can include:

  • Product and business strategy

  • Knowledge mapping

  • Methodology development

  • Instructional design

  • Prototype and testing

  • Assessment and activities

  • Video production

  • SCORM authoring

  • LMS integration



Example of work

Eradicating mental illness stigma in the workplace with eLearning


Company in SPOTlight


In collaboration with

5 Pound Media


Corporate training

The short & sweet

For years, Jason Finucan and Rylan McKinley helped corporate leaders improve their hiring, training, and management practices to foster a more supportive and stigma-free workplace for employees with mental illness. The growing demand among StigmaZero’s clients for a company-wide training program led them to partner with Pure & Applied. For 12 months, we rolled up our sleeves and put an extensive amount of care into researching and developing StigmaZero’s corporate eLearning program and business strategy to scale their impact.

Check out the full case study story to learn more about how we did it.


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