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Using our business and education expertise, we offer research and strategy work as well as operational and pedagogical development work in these areas:

  • Product implementation

  • Pilot process

  • Customer support

  • Instructional development

  • Customer & market research

  • Positioning

  • Case studies & white papers

  • Long-term expertise consulting


Companies we’ve helped move further, faster.

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Common EdTech challenges we address.

The challenge of implementation fidelity to maximize product adoption and perceived value.

Implementation fidelity is essential to the success of any edtech business. No matter the elegance of your software, schools depend on human support in order to extract the most value, see improvement, and achieve their goals. Your commitment to achieving your customer’s goals is key to customer retention.

Our implementation plans factor the customer, while optimizing the process for scale. Using our process design methods we evaluate individual-user, school-wide and district-wide implementation plans that your company has in place. We analyze existing documentation, product on-boarding, customer marketing, support and training resources, product usage data, team member interviews, and customer research. With this holistic view, we can share opportunities and design for service improvement, efficiency and cost-savings, scalability, feedback loops, and community building with you. We support change with check-ins and by updating your accountability practices and metrics until customer success runs like clockwork.



The value of customer intelligence research is unparalleled in EdTech. Why? Because every school has local factors that differentiate it and make it unique. Delivering widespread value is dependent on your ability to cater to these factors. On the flip side of the need to be flexible is the equally crucial business need to standardize and scale. Pinpointing where your company should draw the line on this spectrum is dependent on solid customer research. We conduct surveys, interviews, user-tests, product analyses, market research, or literature reviews of existing research. We cross the findings with product and service data to deduce where your present and future offering’s value lies. What can be altered, removed, improved, or sacrificed? What is missing? We answer these questions so you can better market, sell, implement, and develop your EdTech solution.


The challenge of attracting and closing business with limited or insufficient evidence.

There is no better marketing and sales investment than in evidence. When used correctly, effectiveness evidence and social proof are leveraged at all stages of the sales funnel to attract right-fit customers, convince leaders to pilot, and build compelling cases to close the deal. We conduct surveys, in-depth interviews, user-testing, and classroom observations to build text and video-based case studies. We also conduct research-driven pilot programs with the use of our own tried and tested pilot model that converts and produces marketable research reports.


The challenge that EdTech teams can become CoolAid-serving echo-chambers, making it difficult for leaders to consider different perspectives.

Pure & Applied is a team that is tapped into the market. We invest a third of our revenue into learning about the market, the industry, and the science to anticipate trends and major developments. Combined with our network of connections in industry, policy, research, and in school districts across the US and Canada, we are equipped with the latest EdTech intelligence. We share our knowledge, resources, connections with partners in order to generate opportunities, build strategic ties, and support key decision-making as your strategic advisors.