set up your team for success

If you are developing a meaningful edtech solution, we can offer you the guidance you need to go from idea to quantifiable impact. Our team uses its expertise in education and years of experience building startups to see you through from validation to establishing a product-market fit and gaining traction quickly. If you're not ready to hire senior expertise in-house and you want to setup your junior team for success, connect with us. You'll get the industry-specific expertise you need to make it in the edtech industry.

Product Adoption

To promote product adoption and customer loyalty we create and review training programs, support websites and services, user and buyer journeys, and overall customer experiences. Let's set up a call to discuss your current challenges. 

Delivery must-haves:

  • Onboarding & user journey
  • Implementation design
  • Training asset creation
  • Customer support strategy
  • Feedback, metrics, iteration practices

Branding & Marketing

    So, you want to establish product-market fit and show traction to raise your next round of funding? We can set you and your team up with everything you need to go-to market and attract the early adopters you need to get feedback and spread the word.

    Compel your early adopters:

    • Brand Brief: communicate intentionally
    • Marketing Setup: strategy & planning
    • Tools, templates, and routines in place
    • Junior staff  training

    B2B & B2C Sales 

      Whether you're using a freemium or a free-trial model, pushing users to paid subscriptions is the most important stage in your startup journey. Whether you're going B2B or B2C, you want to show investors that you have repeatable sales strategies, that you can shorten your sales cycle, and reduce your cost of acquisition. 

      Freemium to Premium:

      • Sales: strategy & planning
      • Essential asset creation & tools setup
      • Pilot management & case studies
      • Junior staff training

      We offer one-time setup packages and monthly check-ins to continue coaching your team.