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We help teams develop strategies and build the internal capacity to sustain growth. Our solutions are formed with education expertise, experience in building businesses and with a toolkit of evidence-based practices and design methods.

Better Product Adoption

To promote product adoption and customer loyalty we create and review training programs, support websites and services, user and buyer journeys, and overall customer experiences. Let's set up a call to discuss your current challenges. 


ImpRove your:

  • Onboarding & user journey
  • Implementation design
  • Training asset creation
  • Customer support strategy
  • Feedback, metrics, iteration practices

Branding & Marketing

    We can help you build a compelling brand that communicates the promise you can deliver on. Attract your ideal customer by being consistent in your marketing strategies, messaging, and delivery of service.


    We Provide:

    • A brand strategy, positioning and guidelines
    • Company culture practices
    • Marketing strategy & planning
    • Junior staff  training

    B2B Sales 

      We take a solutions-based selling approach to B2B sales. That means getting to know the schools and districts you seek to serve and hearing them out before offering your solution. We'll help you systematically build and nurture strong relationships in the US and Canada.


      We Provide:

      • Sales strategy & planning
      • Sales asset creation & tools setup
      • Pilot management & case studies
      • Junior staff training

      Due Diligence

      We work with investors, tech acquirers, and foundations new to the edtech space to assess the potential of promising edtech companies in the market. 


      We Evaluate:

      • Social & educational impact 
      • Product pedagogy
      • Strength of team
      • Operations