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Pure & Applied is a purpose-driven consulting team of educator-entrepreneurs who rely on their expertise to improve outcomes for edtech businesses and educational projects globally. 


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We build on our successes, drawing connections to learning models, strategies, trends, and methodologies. 

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It's not easy being the change-maker in your organization.
When you advocate for change or innovation you put yourself on the line.
Pure & Applied will make sure you keep the promises you make.


What "Impact" Means to Us.


An impactful learning experience can produce human, business, and social impact. On a human level, an impactful learning experience is one that piques curiosity, connects dots, and fuels the individual's hunger for advancement. On an organizational level, an impactful learning experience promotes retention, innovation, and growth. On a social level, an impactful learning experience compels people to work together to solve problems that hinder progress in our society. Ultimately, impactful learning, the kind we co-create, moves people to valuable action and moves businesses to valuable outcomes.