Co-Creating the Future of Learning

Learning is our strategy.

Pure & Applied is a part of a new wave of consultancies – we are agile, we are holistic, we are creative, and we are purpose-driven to solve the real challenges companies face today.

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Process design

We improve systems, products, communication and material components of a service across every touchpoint. We assess the status quo, conduct research to identify the gaps, and we collaborate to design a plan to optimize internal and customer-facing processes and experiences.



  • Service Design

  • product data Analysis

  • Customer Research

  • Team Interviews

Actionable Outputs

  • Service blueprint

  • Dashboard design & product roadmap

  • Success measurement criteria

  • Internal tools and processes


experience design

We use a human-centered approach to design experiences and content that engage learners to achieve specific goals. In our process, we collaborate with subject matter experts or surface knowledge from within your very organization to conceive, test, and build, and distribute.




  • Instructional design

  • Learner RESEARCH

  • interaction design

tangible Outputs

  • Educational Content Strategies

  • e-Learning Products

  • PD & Training programs

  • Knowledge Mobilization campaigns



We form an understanding of your business, customers, market niche, and company vision in order to build a compelling strategy based on shared-values that will attract right-fit customers. By surfacing the unique value of your product, service, and brand you can build strong, long-lasting relationships.



  • BRand Development Facilitations

  • Customer & Market Research

  • Business Analysis


Actionable Outputs


Strategic advising

A company’s performance is deeply intertwined with the effectiveness of their product, service, processes, culture, resources and leadership. We advise and collaborate with leadership to ensure that they are considering multiple perspectives, scenarios, and staying on top of innovation in business, education, policy and technology.



  • One-on-one Coaching & Group Facilitations

  • Brand Audit & Brand Development

  • Change Management & capacity building

  • Business development strategy

tangible Outputs

  • Business model Canvas

  • Brand and culture Direction

  • Process and staff development

  • Relationship strategies


We are solutions designers.

As the demands of the industry evolve so will our offerings because we are committed to supporting education no matter what challenges, risks, or opportunities lie ahead. We never try to squeeze a problem into an existing solution. We design solutions that leverage the existing team, while adding our business, design, and education expertise to achieve the shared vision.