Pure & Applied is growing a team of creative problem solvers

Today, we’re taking a moment to reflect, celebrate and invite you to maybe – just maybe – consider joining our team at Pure & Applied.

A year and a half ago, before we fleshed out who we were, where our company was going, and how we were going to find stability in our lives and our bank accounts – we made a commitment to each other as teammates and co-founders.

Pure & Applied was founded with the intent to grow a team of Diverse (capital D for emphasis) individuals who find purpose in co-creating the future of learning with us and our partners.

Nikitasha Kapoor Roxanne Desforges

From the beginning, we believed in learning as a strategy that bridges all areas of an organization and adds value across all industries. Learning enables individuals to act and make choices that connect with their values. For us, learning is the process that makes change possible – in behaviour, in culture, in society and in business. It is the most powerful tool organizations have at their disposal and yet many underutilize it. These beliefs drive our team, guide our process, and give meaning to our mission to help organizations leverage learning for growth and for impact. In sum, learning is our how and our why.

In what follows, we share samples of our projects that build a narrative of our strategic consultancy, which is focused on the education industry and on learning in businesses across verticals. Our hope is to inspire some of you to drop everything you are doing and join our impact-driven team.

The projects Pure & Applied takes on don’t fit into a neat box, but the common thread is our belief that each and every single project we take on merit’s its own solution – there is no pre-packaged formulas,  shortcuts, or assumptions here. Instead, we’re nimble with our methodologies from qualitative and quantitative research to design methods – the tool needs to match the task and team at hand. We take a holistic approach to understand a business from all levels, which means we don’t take projects at face value. Instead, we confirm the needs and objectives before accepting projects as we may (and often do) need to recommend alternative courses of action.

Pure & Applied Methodology

Above all, we think of ourselves as an extension of our partner-companies and their teams.  We work with organizations our team can get behind, who’s visions and missions we share.

  • CLIENT CHALLENGE: decade old education organization’s growth has plateaued

As the edtech industry evolves, this partnership required P&A to think creatively about how our client needed to adapt its product and services to respond to a future market. Our process allowed the organization to visualize its existing position and potential in the market, connect with its stakeholders for feedback, and make product changes in order to favorably reposition itself in the market.

  • Client challenge: minimal capacity to scale service offerings

Well-established consultants face the challenge of scaling their business, which is their time. We have supported multiple thought-leaders in productizing their knowledge through programme creation and eLearning instructional design. This allowed them to broaden their impact and their business model to support large organizations and companies at scale.

  • Client challenge: lack of implementation fidelity resulting in low product adoption

Low product adoption is an edtech growth killer. Faced with this challenge, we enabled our client to analyze and understand the product’s usage data and implementation KPIs in order to improve the experience for the user and the employee. This involved considering the user journey, handoffs, onboarding and user experience, training and support, and the customer relationship.

  • Client challenge: measure long-term social emotional development in children

The greatest challenge for schools wanting to implement SEL tools is in its ability to justify the costs (ie. purchase, implementation, training and maintenance) with measurable data. Our team has partnered with an edtech organization to design a blended learning experience that improves the collection of data from teachers and students in classrooms across schools and districts in the US.


Our trajectory is exciting – we’re taking on meaningful challenges, growing closer as a team, and broadening our network connections as we share our insights. Our long term goal is to be able to financially back the startups we coach, to become investors in the organization we believe in and to put our money where our strategy is.

If this is the meaningful, challenging and fun opportunity you’ve been waiting for – join us!

We are looking for ambitious team members to help us enrich our culture. For us, diversity is a source of enrichment. We are an inclusive office that is eager to welcome people from diverse backgrounds and traditions who vary by their race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, religion, and physical and mental abilities. We welcome new ideas – even unpopular ones – and diverse lenses, such as academic disciplines and professional experiences. We encourage an active and effective exchange of views in an environment of mutual respect.

Roxanne Desforges