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As Parlay Ideas transitioned from product development to go-to-market, Pure & Applied partnered with their growing team to research and co-develop their brand, communication and community outreach strategy; highlighting their unique quality and promise to schools: Parlay Ideas helps teachers create rich and meaningful discussions in the classroom to inspire critical thinking and provide measurable data on engagement and learning. 


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Parlay Ideas


Education technology (EdTech)
Social emotional learning (SEL)

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The Whole Story



Over the course of the 2017-2018 year, Parlay Ideas (Parlay) and Pure & Applied put strategic energy on co-creating an authentic brand to serve as the basis for all communication, understanding who Parlay's customer and users are, and communicating their value in order to position themselves in the education market. At the same time, we focused on building the internal capacity to test and iterate quickly and creatively. 



The project was highly collaborative with staff, teachers and schools, infusing rapid prototyping and testing tools to Parlay's evolving awareness, outreach and user experience strategy.  

Our Focus

Research + Understanding

Testing + Capacity building

Growth + Relationship strategy


Surfacing the value of Parlay and discussions.

Research + understanding

As the team grew in size and in sales in Canada and the US, we became interested in elevating Parlay's unique brand, voice and service to schools. Over a few weeks, we worked to co-create Parlay's brand guide – a foundational framework that allows for Parlay to nurture culture internally, and remain consistent in their communication and service externally. We focused our research and facilitations on highlighting company values and the unique product and service differentiators. Parlay's brand, as well as, teacher and student voice play an integral role in shaping Parlay's outreach, marketing and relationship strategy today.  

Methods used  •  customer and user profiling  •  product observation and testing  •  global EdTech market research and insights  •  qualitative and quantitative framework and research on the affects of "meaningful" "measurable" and "inclusive" discussions

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Pure & Applied Parlay Ideas – edtech innovation service design session – Nikitasha Kapoor


Raising awareness in the sea of EdTech.

Testing + capacity Building

Our research and work in surfacing Parlay's unique voice within the market made room for the team to think strategically about how to reach their audience – teachers and school administrators. It became apparent over time through observation and usage data analysis that the highest value for teachers is experienced when they are easily able to launch a RoundTable.  Sketches at a coffee table in Montreal, Canada led to a redesign of the sign-up process and to the creation of a content library, now known as the Parlay Universe.  This enabled Parlay to focus its awareness campaign on sign ups and community building. In this time, we also supported the marketing and sales team in the hiring, on-boarding and professional development of staff via coaching. 

Methods used  •  product observation and testing  •  EdTech sales insights  •  content strategy  •  content creation  •  positioning and feedback on marketing website  •  process design for marketing  •  marketing test campaigns and tools set up  •  coaching and facilitation 

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The impact.

Growth & Relationship strategy

This project has created a long-lasting and on-going relationship between Pure & Applied and Parlay Ideas. We have supported the Founder in building a collaborative, creative, and evidence-based culture.  Over the course of this project, Parlay raised $400,000 in pre-seed funding, with which they plan to expand into districts and school boards across Canada and the US. As they expand their sales, outreach, and service offerings with this investment, Pure & Applied will continue to be involved in helping them build their network in the EdTech industry, and in their marketing, sales and classroom implementation strategy.

Method used  •  qualitative and quantitative framework design on the affects of "meaningful" "measurable" and "inclusive" discussions (SEL)  •  fundraising support  •  EdTech community building  •  coaching 

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" Pure & Applied is not your average team of consultants. I noticed a growing confidence in my staff’s ability to collaborate and produce results. P&A is reliable and incredibly effective. "

– Bobby McDonald, CEO of Parlay Ideas

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