Co-Creating the Future of Learning


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All that is abstract, creative, and theoretical.


All that is empirical, systematic, and viable.

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Our multi-lens insights co-create growth.

We believe that impactful solutions are beautiful in theory (“pure”) and feasible in practice (“applied”). We believe that diverse perspectives, experiences and fields of knowledge add richness to our solutions allowing us to size up problems and potential from all sides. We believe that resilience is built when learning is a key component of company culture.


founding partners

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With a background in supply chain, finance and design methods, Nikitasha turned down big corp jobs to pursue her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship during and after University. Niki coached over eighty startups across industries at District 3 Innovation Centre where she served as Lead Coach and Development Manager. Alongside the Engineering department of Concordia University, Nikitasha led and co-built a city-wide Social and Collective entrepreneurship program, and an innovation certificate for Masters-level student-entrepreneurs to receive credit for their experience and work on their respective startups. She developed a keen ability to advise, collaborate, and nurture capacity within leaders and teams. From a family of serial entrepreneurs, you might say that Niki was born to do this work.



Roxanne is a former K12 teacher, a researcher and lecturer at McGill University, and spent 5 years building an EdTech startup from the ground up. These first-hand experiences, from all sides of education, has given her insight and expertise that only learning-by-doing can. Teaching gave her a deep understanding of school systems and dynamics. Her experience in higher ed brought knowledge of education policy and research. Her startup years taught her to think of a business as a system and that true sight is the ability to shift between micro and macro lenses. It also taught her to pitch, raise VC funds, design and optimize implementation and customer success experiences, design products, and to listen to voices and perspectives that are different from her own. Acting also as thought-leader for the organization, the experience enabled her to build a transnational network of influential EdTech advocates.




Erin Willett • Culture Strategy
Joel Blair • product & Design
Flavie Halais • BRAND Storytelling